More protection is always right" is the motto of Owen, the founder of 59s, and the very same idea drove Owen to found 59s, the only global brand offering Professional Grade LED sterilization to the consumer market.
59s finally brings UV sterilization to the 21st century via our own breakthroughs in LED Packging technology. Our cutting-edge LED assemblies are the only ones on the market that generate short-wave, Ultraviolet C UV lights efficiently, both in energy consumptions and purchase costs to consumers.
Our products' high efficiency, both in energy consumption, and our devices' germicidal capacity (99.9% disinfection rates in 59 seconds,up to 3 Minutes ), also enables
us to offer battery-powered models, thus providing our customers with 24/7 365 access to a sterilized environment. (59S offers Fast & Portable Sterilization and
Eco-friendly solution) And all it takes to get the job done is just 59 seconds and the effect equals to 6 hours direct sunshine

Our devices emits Ultraviolet C that destroys the DNAs and RNAs of common bactaria and virus, including E. Coli, the flu virus, the Hepatitis A and B viruses, Tuberculosis and many other pathogens. Our UV C LED lights also have a rated life of 10,000 hours, and that's more than 600,000 full sterilizations.

Company Introduction 】

The pioneer of LED Sterilization.
The biggest UV LED Company in Global.
1 out 2 LED beads comes from 59S.
【 BRAND Concept 】

Means Easy
Means a kind of life attitude
Means Easy love
Life is busy, we don't have enough time.
But everyone can take 59 seconds  to give love to
yourself, and your family
Love is very simple, you only need 59S!

Make Sterilization ad EASY as washing hands.
Everyone can afford for it.
Everyone would like to use,
and less disease for everyone